“Kaj Tonny Holmgren has been waiting for a miracle for nearly 30 years. He has a progressive muscular disease, preacher
ambitions and an intimate dialogue with God. His caretaking wife and fellow believers are all waiting for the impossible
to happen.

Director Ann Holmgren has filmed her father for six years. The result is both a highly original family portrait and a bold
investigation of the boundaries of faith in a life stuck between visions and bodily decay. ”

The film is produced by Silja Espolin Johnson at Ape&Bjørn with the support of Norsk Filminstitutt, Film i Västerbotten Konstnärsnämnden, foundation Fritt Ord and Lycksele kommune. Swedish co-producers are MDEMC.

Contact:silja@apeogbjorn.no or elisabeth@mdemc.com